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No matter how nice your grill is unless you were born with heat resistant appendages the effectiveness of your grilling is going to depend heavily on your tools. They are the connection between you and your grill when it comes to preparing, cleaning, and maintaining your grill. Certain tools are incredibly essential while other tools can make certain aspect of your grill easier to use.
A well informed grill chef knows how to properly use his or her tools to create spectacular meals at a very efficient rate. For those who are less informed however we have this guide that will help you determine what additions need to be made to your grill toolshed so you can be known as the master of the flame by all who are lucky enough to taste your proficiency.

Cuisinart CGS-5020 Deluxe Review
  • Cuisinart CGS-5020 Deluxe
  • (4.3 / 5)
  • Number of pieces: 20 Piece
  • The weight: 2,52 kg
  • price scale 4.9/5
Grillen Extremely Practical Review
  • Grillen Extremely Practical
  • (4.8 / 5)
  • Number of pieces: 5 Piece
  • The weight: 0,9 kg
  • price scale 3.2/5
Grill Tools Set by FuN Grill – Outdoor BBQ Grill Tools Kit
  • Outdoor BBQ Grill Tools Kit
  • (4.9 / 5)
  • Number of pieces: 19 Piece
  • The weight: 2,58 kg
  • price scale 3.5/5
Simplistex® – Stainless Steel Review
  • Simplistex® – Stainless Steel
  • (4.3 / 5)
  • Number of pieces: 4 Piece
  • The weight: 1,2 kg
  • price scale 3.0/5
Vysta 29 Piece BBQ Tools Set Review
  • Vysta 29 Piece BBQ Tools Set
  • (4.4 / 5)
  • Number of pieces: 29 Piece
  • The weight: 4,2 kg
  • price scale 4.5/5

Short Descriptions of BBQ Tools

Cuisinart CGS-5020 Deluxe

Cuisinart CGS-5020 Deluxe ReviewWith a fusion of technology and the basics Cusinart has created a great grill tool set that should be able to handle any of your grilling duties without missing a beat, literally. With a price tag around $40 dollars a grill tool set has to be special to warrant a price above the norm. Like most grill sets everything here is stainless steel, but the unique aspect comes in an interesting form. First we have all of the usual suspects required for grilling along with a few welcome additions. This tool set includes a spatula, brush, tongs, six skewers, eight corn holders, an extra brush head and the crucial piece in a high tech barbecue fork. The thing that makes this fork special is that is also doubles as a thermometer with a built in alarm to let you know when your food is ready.

With an LED display this tool will take a lot of the guess work out of the way for the griller who wants a simple and easy way to make sure their food is cooked to their specifications. All of the tools in the set are made of elongated stainless steel outside of the corn holders and brush heads of course. They also each have their space to be stored in the included aluminum storage case. The tongs could be better designed, but overall this is a nice tool set that might be overshadowed by a signature piece, but still offers some good value especially with a one year warranty.

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Grill Tools Set by FuN Grill – Outdoor BBQ Grill Tools Kit

Grill Tools Set by FuN Grill - Outdoor BBQ Grill Tools Kit ReviewFor the seasoned griller who is looking for a complete tool set for keeping their grill in top shape this grill tools set from FuN grill should suit you quite well. This is a fully featured set with just about everything you could need for preparing meals and performing grill maintenance all in a sweet case.

With 19 pieces the best question might be what this set is missing instead of what is included. We have all the basics covered with the spatula, tongs, brush, and barbecue fork all made of stainless steel. The handles are also made of cylindrical steel for a long lasting, and stylish full metal look.

Beyond the basic tools we also have a carving knife, four stainless steel skewers, a basting brush, an extra brush head and eight stainless steel corn holders. So whether you are preparing burgers, steaks, fresh vegetables, or a large rotisserie this grill set has you covered. Everything comes in a nice package, easily stored away in a aluminum case to keep your tools out of the reach of nature.

The tools are all elongated so you can keep your hands well away from the heat and you don’t have to worry too much about the handles becoming hot to the touch. With an affordable price sitting around $30 dollars this is a set with everything you need presented fashionably well. A strong and durable set for those who favor simplicity and organization.

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Grillen Extremely Practical

Grillen Extremely Practical ReviewThis Grillen grill tool set has interesting branding as an extremely practical grill set that is a bit questionable. Still branding aside this is a five piece tool set that would make a stylish addition to any grill user toolbox. The practicality does come through in providing five tools that will allow you to perform any standard grilling activity.

The questionable part is the wooden handles which do add some extra style above your standard tool set but are also more susceptible to the elements. These tools do come with a case to keep them safe and ensure a long life though so that is at least practical. Generally ease of use factors into practicality but I digress, we have quality stainless steel tools here.

With a brush, spatula, two pronged fork, tongs and a knife we have everything you need to manuever your meals around and clean up the grill when you are done. Making up for the stylish choice in handles we do have a lifetime guarantee on the set for replacements when time starts to break down the construction. A waterproof storage bag also provides a sturdy place to store your tools when not in use safe from their main foe, moisture.

The knife is a curious addition that you will not find in many grill tool sets as it usually belongs in a separate category. Hovering around $25 dollars though you will not find many tool sets that bring such a stylish handle and a guarantee helps even out the practicality.

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Simplistex® – Stainless Steel

Simplistex® - Stainless Steel ReviewWhile many other grill tool sets try to bring you a lot more to choose from and get confused from this set from Simplistex keeps it appropriately simple. Who needs tons of tools when only four are super necessary.

We also have a canvas blue carrying case to keep all of your tools stylishly tucked away when they are not in use. For the tools we have your spatula for flipping and turning burgers or other grill food. The spatula also doubles as a bottle opener with a feature built into the middle of the tool. The fork works well in its two pronged form and is built for the more difficult to handle foods such as sausages of hot dogs. We also have a set of tongs to serve as the more all purpose food handler that can work with precision to deal with any situation.

Finally we have a brush that has a detachable head for replacement when it breaks down over time. Each tool ranges around sixteen inches so you can stay a safe distance away from the flame and they also come with a one year warranty for some extra buyers assurance. Each tool is stainless steel with heat resistant metallic handles for handling heavy duty. For under twenty dollars this grill set accurately handles all of your basic grill needs at an affordable price, making it the perfect set of tools for anyone who is getting acclimated to grilling.

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Vysta 29 Piece BBQ Tools Set

Vysta 29 Piece BBQ Tools Set ReviewFor the griller who wants to roll up at the cookout like a secret agent Vysta has a 29 piece bbq tool set that is made just for you. With a full arsenal of tools this is not a tool set made for the faint of heart. Every piece is constructed out of stainless steel of synthetic heat resistant material to keep your hands safe. A one stop tool set for handling all of your grilling issues and then some.

This set includes a spatula, tongs, cleaning brush with two head replacements, basting brush, barbecue fork, carving knife, cork screw bottle opener, salt and pepper shakers, eight corn holders, four stainless steel skewers, a thermometer, a cooking mit, a cutting board, and even two claws for shredding meat or whatever else you want to attack like wolverine.

All of this comes neatly packed away in an aluminum case. Plus the craziest part about it is you can get all of this for under $40 dollars. This is the all purpose grill tool set that will allow you to rent out a parking spot in front of your grill.
Everything a grill user needs to cook like a pro even if it is not the most elegant of collections. Thanks to the quality materials durability is not much of an issue either despite the low price. As long as you don’t mind being “that guy/women” who owns a grill tool set a physician would be proud of then this is a great set for the user who wants as many options as possible.

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The Essentials


Your tongs are the most versatile tool in your arsenal as they allow you to make the largest variety of moves. Tongs allow you to adjust your food on the grill and are the best designed for the majority of food. While they struggle with the large and flat objects like burgers, and they can be unwieldly with a large steak. There is no better tool for working with vegetables or flipping over multiple pieces of food at the same time. Tong’s are also pretty good for repositioning coals, and out of all your tools will usually find a convenient use in any situation.


Best BBQ ToolsOutside of the mover’s and shaker’s we have the cleaner in the brush that will help maintain your grill so every other part functions a bit easier. Having a brush is probably the most necessary of all tools as it will help you maintain your grill ensuring it lasts just as long as it can.

The use of a brush is pretty simple as after you finish cooking, you just brush away all of the excess muck into your grease trap or the bottom of the grill so you can remove it and keep your grill fresh for the next cook. The most important thing about brush selection is making sure you don’t get one that will scratch up your grill and end up hurting as much as it helps. Once again stainless steel is great, or brass can work as well.


Everyone knows the spatula as the best tool for flipping burgers and a mainstay in the kitchen. You want a thin but sturdy spatula tha can slip under your food easily. Ease of use drops with thickness so you want one as thin as possible. A spatula without holes is better for burgers that need to be forced into a shape, while a slotted one leans towards fish and more delicate foods.


The last major tool because when push comes to shove there is no better tool for getting your food off the grill especially if it happens to be of the long cylindrical type. While spatula’s might be a bit better for burgers and tongs can grab more vegetables at once, only the fork can keep sausages and hot dogs from becoming unwieldly.

Helpful Non Essentials


Nowadays the majority of the best grills come with a built in thermometer though you can’t always trust that for an accurate cook. If you don’t have a thermometer that reaches deep you can get inaccurate readings that can throw off your meal. You can also find thermometers that are made for going inside of your food to get an accurate reading on when your food is cooked to the perfect degree.

Grilling Mitts

These can provide some extra security in your grilling insulating you from the heat. While the true grill masters might balk at another tool in between them and their feast. You cannot discount the peace of mind that comes from grilling without fear of random flare ups.

Food Press

You can find metal presses for putting pressure on your meat in order for them to expunge some juice to seal in the rest. This is a widely debated practice on whether it makes the meal more or less juicy and will often come down to personal preference. At the very least these can be used to make sure you have strong grill searing marks on both sides of the food.

Charcoal Chimney

If you use a charcoal grill and want to get away from that added taste that lighter fluid can add that saps from the flavor of charcoal grilling then this is a useful tool. You just fill it up with charcoal, place newspaper in the bottom to light, and that newspaper lights the charcoal so you can just pour it into the bottom of the grill and start cooking. Pretty cool, and very convenient.


There are many more tools that get even deeper and more technical, but these are the basics you should have on hand to up your grilling game. A good grill master knows how to excel with simplicity and that seeps into the necessary tools. Just like any other cooking the fun start when you get your hands dirty. The only difference here is these tools need to be your hands so get what you need, and get cooking!