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Broil King Imperial XLS Review

Broil King Imperial XLS Review

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4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)

When you step into the domain of premium grills it’s no longer about just cooking hot dogs and burgers. You expect to find a full grilling workstation that has the features to provide a heightened ease of use, cleaning, space, and adaptability to suit the needs of a master chef or anyone aspiring to be one. Broil King seeks to answer all these questions with this premium gas grill.

With a price around $2549 this grill is not for the faint of heart, but with that high tag comes a lot of use that makes that price a pretty accurate representation of the value. With six burners this makes a great grill for preparing an entire cook out at once. How much are you willing to pay to cook like a pro?

Pro's and Con's


  • Eight total cooking surfaces covering enough area for preparing meals for family or larger parties.
  • Stainless Steel from top to bottom gives you a really nice look along with superior lifetime and ease of cleaning.
  • Fast lighting and extra control features allow you to easily adjust your cooking to preference.
  • Great storage capabilities for an all purpose grill station.


  • With a price around $2549 it is not for the cook on a budget.
  • No real specialty, so it just does the basics better than most grills.
Broil King Grill review

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First off this grill is heavy duty, stainless steel gives you that slick look along with easier cleaning when compared to more traditional grills. When you go stainless steel it is best to get as much as possible and this grill does not disappoint as about 80% is stainless steel with a bit of black in all the right places for a stylish look that does not get in the way of productivity.

With this model you get so many different perks that provide the type of convenience that you didn’t even know you needed, that will make most other grills seem obsolete so try not to get too spoiled. A great example of this is the eight temperature control knobs that light up in the dark for grilling after sundown without missing a step. This design is about looking sharp while also having a long lasting lifetime that is easy enough to clean that you can keep it looking and working great for decades.

Special Features

You can not have a premium grill without loads of special features especially with a multi thousand dollar grill. This Broil King does not disappoint as ease of use if a highlight for the Imperial XLS. With the Flav-R-Wave heating system you get that nice even heat distribution that opens the door to the perfect cook and experimentation. This works especially well with the Linear Flow burner valves that make it so you can adjust your cooking temperatures to specific values for a precise cook.

With all that control on the heat it makes sense that this grill also kicks into action quickly with Sure Light electronic ignition for a quick turn and burn. The exterior temperature monitors allow you to see the temperature inside the grill without letting go of that precious smoke for anyone looking for that unique smoked meat flavor set a temperature, place your food down, close it up, and relax without all the extra maintenance to make sure your food is cooking properly.


Everything breaks down eventually even the most well made items so it is important to have knowledge of your warranty especially when you are paying so much. This grill comes with a limited lifetime warranty which is great if any electrical issues spring up though the stainless steel is the longest lasting material you will find on grills so I do not know if you will actually need it.

Especially since this is only on the cook box, the dual burner and rotisserie has a ten year warranty while the Flav-R-Wave has a five year with all other parts maintaining two year warranties.

Broil King Imperial XLS Review Conclusion

A premium priced grill demands premium specs and this grill provides a nice mix of useful abilities. From the stainless steel build that allows for easy cleaning while also looking great when compared to the classic all black grills.

Ample cooking area with six burners a rotisserie burner and a side burner along with all the precise controls and special features that will allow you to customize your meals. With two separate cook boxes and shelves for multilayered cooking the 750 square inches of area effectively become more for the serious summer time grill aficionado.

If you are looking for a premium grill that does everything well but aren’t looking for anything too specific, with a multitude of storage and grill space this model will probably appeal to you. A nice combination of luxury, control, and performance sure to please any grill enthusiast who can afford it. But do not choose without looking at these two – Char Broil SmartChef and Napoleon Prestige Pro 500.

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