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Broil King Sovereign XLS 90 Review

Broil King Sovereign XLS 90 Review

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(4.3 / 5)

Broil King takes a stab at grill supremacy with out breaking the bank with the model of their liquid propane grill series. Sporting a total of six burners with four main burners a side burner and a rotisserie burner this grill is multifaceted to cater to the user who wants options.
With a cooking space of 1000 square inches rivaling the top dogs you don’t have to pay top dollar for stainless steel as this model runs for around $1000 dollars keeping with the trend. Broil Kings Flav R Wave adds an extra bit of succulence to your meals.
A smooth blend of stainless steel silver and black make for a good looking grill that is easy to clean as well as built to last assuming you put it together correctly. This is a precision aimed shot at the perfect value grill with just the right pieces that probably should not miss much.

Main Characteristics

You want a grill that starts in the middle and builds out so the Sovereign XLS brings your a central surface that uses four stainless steel 9 millimeter dual tube burners. For strong heat distribution over 600 square inches of cooking area. Those four burners max out at 50,000 BTU’s of heating power for a nice range of heat control.

Moving to the side we have a 10,000 BTU burner for those who live for versatility. Finally we have a powerful 18,000 BTU rotisserie style back burner complete with rotisserie kit for that perfectly cooked roast that makes any meal gourmet.

In the Broil King Sovereign XLS 90 Review it is impossible not to say that we are all missing a flat top burner for those who prefer a nicely seared hibachi style meal out of their grill. The extra burners give you an added bonus 400 square inches of cooking space to get you up with the premium grills. All of this sits over a cabinet for storing all your go to grill tools, herbs, spices, and condiments. The bottom is cart style for easy positioning with two large wheels for the strength and a couple small wheels for the mobility. This grill brings you a nice mix of everything you need to cook high quality food with a high value grill.

Pro's and Con's


  • Six total stainless steel burners give you great heat distribution while also being easy to clean
  • Pretty large total cooking area for large families or cookouts
  • High quality build with drop down shelves and heavy duty maneuverability at a really nice value


  • Main burner area is only 600 square inches
  • Nothing too unique about this grill that just covers the basics pretty well
Broil King Sovereign XLS 90 Review

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While this grill isn’t all stainless steel black is used well for a professional workmanlike design. The tools in this chest however are the stainless steel burners. A cast aluminum oven provides you with a strong long lasting lid for your grill. The side arms can fold up or down to suit your current grilling needs with enough room for you to do some prep or store the buns for plating.

The cabinet also provides a nice storage area complete with shelves. Speaking of shelves the best part of the folding sides is the built in shelving space perfect for storing any snacks or refreshments while you grill. The combination of stainless steel and aluminum shouldn’t be too difficult to clean.

The design is overall pretty basic with just a bit of technological flare thrown into certain areas like the controls covered below. With that being said this grill still looks pretty impressive and tough with just the right attention to detail to please most grill customers.

Special Features

Broil King Sovereign XLS 90Here is where Broil King stepped in to add a bit of a special touch in more ways than one. On touch we have Sensi-Touch control knobs which allow you to easily set your grill surface to precise temperatures for multiple different cooking styles. Broil Kings trademark is their stainless steel Flav-R-Wave cooking system that vaporizes the juices of your food to put a bit of extra grilling flavor into any of your cooking. This is also nice for clean up as the vaporization minimizes the excess waste.

A propane grill that does not light on command is not a good propane grill so they have a Sure Light ignition system so the grill heats up quickly with an even heat distribution. The features continue all the way to the bottom with locking caster wheels so you can stay stable even on uneven surfaces. The pedigree here is on control and flavor for a durable grill that always delivers something special.


With a primarily stainless steel build and strong materials this grill is built to last but that doesn’t mean they slacked off on the warranty. The cook box has a limited lifetime warranty that covers the lid, control panel, and housing. The stainless steel Dual-Tube burners and the rear rotisserie burner are warrantied for ten years against all defects in material or workmanship. The stainless steel Flav-R-Wave cooking system, stainless steel cooking grates, and stainless steel cart components are warranted for five years. While all remaining parts and paint are warranted for two years. A pretty good and standard setup for a grill under the premium range.