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Char Broil SmartChef 420 Review

Char Broil SmartChef 420 Review

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(4.5 / 5)

If your goal is a delicious, succulent, and aromatic feast from your grill then this Char Broil Smart Chef grill brings and interesting package to the world of grills under a thousand dollars. This grill feature three Tru-InfraRed burners for next level control over your cooking and it does not stop there. This grill is built to work along with your wi fi connection to present the user with a grill they can control remotely. You can sit inside and watch football while monitoring your grill from your own mobile app.

This grill is not about multiple options in cooking however you don’t get the rotisserie burner or a side burner, but you still get a nice main cooking area of 420 square inches. Along with a warming area this grill is anything but small complete sitting over a cabinet compartment and mobile on wheels. The Smart Chef is a dynamic, and durable all black grill prefect for anyone who craves control over their cooking experience even from many miles away.

Main Characteristics

Like every grill since the beginning of time the conversation starts on the main elements of heating. This grill packs three Tru-InfraRed burners bringing the user a level of temperature control that puts even stainless steel burners to shame. Control how juicy or flavorful your food is at the touch of a finger, whether you are using the exterior knobs or tinkering with the temperature from your couch on your tablet.

In the Char Broil SmartChef 420 Review I want to mention that the primary cooking area reaches out for a total of 420 square inches. That’s a decent size of up to around 20 burgers at the same time. Over that we have a warming rack that measures at 155 square inches for 575 total square inches of cooking space. All of this is pretty good but even more spectacular with a strong 13,000 BTU side burner though it is kind of small. Over top the stainless steel infrared burners are cast porcelain grates that bring you great heat retention along with moderately easy cleaning only a step below stainless steel.
Coupled with the lack of flare ups that infrared grilling provides this is a pretty nice combo for cooking control that reaches up to what you would find in the premium grilling range. Just because this grill is packed with technology does not mean that it fails on bringing you the basics of great grilling that provide a nice foundation for the high tech to shine.

Pro's and Con's


  • Three infrared burners give you a higher level of cooking control that rivals that of the premium grills
  • WiFi Smart App system allows for monitoring that far exceeds anything you will find elsewhere.
  • All black build with color thrown into just the right areas for a great looking grill


  • With all the focus on the infrared burners you miss out on a bit of cooking space as well as alternative cooking options
  • All the extra built in technological options might come off as a bit gimmicky
  • A bit of a chore to setup and requiring a power cord is an unfortunate necessity
Char Broil Grill Review

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When you are aiming to bring a grill that stands out as far as features and style among its competition its great to see they went all black here. This grill looks just as sinister as the interior workings of the grill deserve. Stainless steel silver and a vibrant red show up in all the appropriate places to produce a gorgeous grill that stands above most the grills you will find in this range. Every section shines with a nice gloss that is sure to catch the eye of even the most pretentious neighbor.
High quality from the top to bottom without the need for extra side burners the focus is completely on making a great looking grill to match the technological upgrades that Char Broil is trying to showcase.

Special Features

Char Broil SmartChef ReviewThis is where this grill will either shine through for you or prove itself to be not worth your time, technology is undoubtedly this grills middle name. Before we get into it on the outside we have LED illuminated controls for the night grilling. We also have a Surefire electronic ignition switch for balance heating on command.

Unlike most gas grills you plug this one into the wall for activation which is a bit of a gift and a curse. The real special feature however is the SmartChef technology that allows you to use WiFi to control and monitor your grill. Stay on target with grill temperature, burner status, when the food is done, when it is cool enough to cover, when your gas is low, cook time, and probe temperature cooking all from the convenience of a smart phone app.

This is all really cool to have and might make the purchase for you however grilling purists may be offended by the technology taking over their job.


The warranty here is not the greatest though it is pretty sufficient. The stainless steel burners have a lifetime limited warranty. The firebox and lid have a 2 year warranty extending from your purchase date. The cover is only warrantied for 90 days. Then all other parts are warrantied for a year. This all covers the standard of manufacturers defects and workmanship issues.