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Saber SS 500 Review

Saber SS 500 Review

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Silver is a valuable mineral and also an extravagant color as the natural color of stainless steel why would you not want to go all out. With that in mind, we have this Saber SS 500 premium gas grill. This grill features a completely stainless steel build housing three infrared burners for precise temperature control. An excellent family size grill with 500 square inches providing enough cooking area to feed a decent sized family or a large neighborhood barbecue.

With a price around $1,699 feeling just about right for all the functionality this grill provides. This grill is all about combining efficiency with just enough space and power to where the infrared burners can shine. If you are looking for a premium grill that looks sleek and can cure your poorly cooked meal woes than this Saber grill might be exactly what the doctor ordered.

Main Characteristics

This Saber grill brings you precise, refined heat with four infrared burners. These infrared burners pack 32,000 BTU’s of cooking power for a pretty good level for a four burner grill. You get 670 inches of the surface are in the main unit, but there is also a side burner. The side burner has 18,000 BTU’s on dual controls. There is no point in cooking a lot of fresh food if you can not keep it warm and ready to serve with the rest of the meal so with that in mind Saber included a 225 square inch warming rack.

This warming rack doubles for storage and roasting with multiple positions. A full infrared grilling station is the highlight of this model while many premium gas grills use stainless steel heating, infrared allows for a superior level of temperature control to help you navigate through the turbulent sea known as medium rare. Infrared grills are also known for their ability to prevent flare ups.

Without any searing plates or a rotisserie burner, this grill focuses on getting one area perfect instead of broadening the design for utility. That makes for a great setup if you are looking to grill the perfect burger or steak but will leave you wanting if you are more interested in rotisserie, smoking, or Hibachi style grilling.

Pro’s and Con’s



  • Four infrared burners over 670 square inches give your just enough cooking space to properly cook large meals at precise temperatures
  • Full stainless steel design provides great looks along with long lasting material and easy cleanability


  • The focus on infrared leaves this grill lacking in the extra burners and features you might find in comparably priced grills
  • A price around $2099 is pretty high for a grill with only four burners though the cooking area does help

Grill Saber SS Review

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The first thing you will notice about this model is how the entire body is made of 304 commercial grade stainless steel. That gives it a sleek look that helps for a premium grill that resembles an oversized jukebox with wings. That’s par for the course though, so we continue to the underbody that features opening cabinet doors that reveal ample storage space complete with multiple shelves. This grill works on the standard cart design with four wheels under the welded tubular cart and firebox frame. When the lights go out this grill has you covered with two interior halogen lights for night grilling.
Fitting well into this and the previous section we have a propane gas grill that can easily convert to natural gas with separately sold materials for another nice increase efficiency. The focus is on providing a sturdy, sleek design with emphasis on sturdy to back up the quality of the infrared burners.

Special Features

While this baby is not loaded with special features, it does provide just enough to make sure the infrared burners are not the unique part of this package. Staying with gas this unit features a powerful fast ignition system that allows it to simultaneously ignite all of its elements giving you a consistent burn. Each burner has its electrode along with a carryover tube to ensure the ease and consistency of lighting.
There is no point in having great heat control if you still can’t tell the temperature, so Saber includes grate level temperature gauges to provide convenient readings that make grilling with the top up much less of a chore since that is the type of thing infrared burners are perfect for. Finally, this grill uses a patented cooking system that focuses airflow away from the cooking surface so your food can lock in all of its natural flavor and juices.


With a full stainless steel build, you would not expect anything to break down, but Saber still has you decently covered anyway. We have a lifetime warranty on the stainless steel components lid, lid inserts, exterior firebox, and cart panels. As for the steel burner tubes and the carryover tubes we have a 10-year warranty. Moving down we have a 5-year warranty on the burner box, and porcelain enameled warmings racks, grates, stainless steel cooking grates, and emitters. After that, all the painted parts and everything not previously mentioned get a 2-year warranty. These warranties cover defects in the material and workmanship only so don’t go crazy trying to see just how far you can push it.