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At, we provide consumers with tips, guides, reviews, and analysis in details for the latest outdoor and indoor bbq grills (gas, propane, and charcoal grills), electric, propane, and charcoal smokers, accessories, and related stuff. Our main goal is to offer buyers quality infomation in order to help them find the best quality products that can meet their needs and budget. By going through our reviews in details, consumers can easily find what they are looking for.

We recognize that offering high quality reviews to readers is very important to help them make right choice. It is our mission! It is our pleasure if we can help students with some funds to support their study such as pay tuition or books.

Therefore, we are proud to present our Annual Scholarship Program named the “FindBestGrill Internet Marketing Scholarship“.

We wish to help students currently registered in an accredited university or college who have a sincere passion for “Internet Marketing”. Award will be sent accordingly to scholarship rules outlined by winning student’s University/College.

Scholarship Amount: $1,000
Application Deadline: One prize on August 28; One prize on December 28 (We run this scholarship program every year)


– Be an undergraduate/a graduate student currently registered at a University or College;
– Hold a minimum of 2.5 GPA at the time of application
NOTE: Students wishing to participate do not require “expertise” in this area, just an honest passion for Business/Internet Marketing is sufficient.

Application Process

– Students have to write an original 1,500 word (maximum) essay on the subject …”Benefits of Social Media Marketing to Businesses“.
– The Essay should be in a doc or PDF format file.
– Your Essay file should be sent to our scholarship address shown below.

Please include the following details when you submit your essay:

» Your Full Name
» Email Address
» Phone Number
» Full Mailing Address
» Area of Study
» University/College Name and Email Address

Essay submissions should be sent to the following email:

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us by sending us an email if you have any questions regarding ourScholarship Program.



1> Is this a one-time Scholarship?
No, this is an Annual Scholarship (We run this scholarship program every year).

2> Is there a cost or fee to apply for this Scholarship?
No, there is no fee.

3> When will winner of Scholarship be selected?
A winning applicant will be selected within 20 days after deadline.

The scholarship recipient will receive the scholarship award within 60 days after the deadline. NOTE: We require at least 5 scholarship submissions total per ‘award year’ to award Scholarship.

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