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Weber 61010001 Genesis II E-310 Review

Weber 61010001 Genesis II Review

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Who needs a cabinet when you can have a grill with racks on racks on racks. Ease of use and utility are paramount for this Weber Genesis grill. For a sleek good looking grill under a thousand dollars this grill brings a unique look along with its impressive grilling features. This grill uses three stainless steel burners for the high quality heat retention and cleaning ability that stainless steel provides.

The cast porcelain flavorizer bars make sure that the juice of your food goes right back into the meal for an added boost of flavor. This is a powerful grill that is also pretty nice to clean with a grease management as nasty as build up can be you have to appreciate when it is made to easily be dealt with.
These are all part of the GS4 grilling system which also include the easy ignition for a grill that aims to maximize your efficiency. Easy start up, great burners, extra flavor, and easy cleanup all readily built into this grill.

Main Characteristics

The best place to start for this grill comes with the grilling system that is the main selling point for this model so why not give you a good breakdown. GS4 starts out with easy ignition for good heat control and retention, but that will be covered more later. Second we have high performance burners which is the most important part of any great grill.

In the Weber 61010001 Genesis II E-310 Review, I want to mention that this grill features three stainless steel burners that pump out a total of 38,000 BTU’s which is pretty low for a grill in this range though still sufficient enough to get a nice meal cooked. It is a Weber grill so you are not going to be disappointed when it comes to cooking ability.

That seg ways perfectly into the third aspect of GS4 the flavorizer bars. These are incredibly high heated bars that are angled to catch the juices of your food then immediately vaporize them and feed that right back up into your meal.

So you get a nice smoky flavor without any added investment. Finally the last part of the GS4 system is the grease management that is extremely useful for preventing the flare ups common with grilling that are known to destroy meals. Any of the dripping that are not caught by the flavorizer are conveniently fed into a tray so you can just pull it out and clean it quickly before you get back to your grilling. Porcelain enameled cast iron cooking grates work hand in hand with the grilling system to give you a nice balanced grill without the danger of hot spots.

Weber is known for making high quality, durable, and fully featured grills, the Genesis II is not an anomaly for a company built on quality. That is why I picked up this grill for the main page.

Pro's and Con's


  • The GS4 grilling system shows Weber’s commitment to giving you a grill that creatively brings a streamlined system to its user
  • With 513 square inches of cooking space even though it only uses three burners the space is pretty large for a grill under a grand
  • Stylish design and integrated features for organization provide you with a nice workstation


  • Lack of a cabinet in design leaves your tool, or even worse your condiments free to be damaged by the elements
  • No extra grilling surfaces in case you run out or are looking to cool more diverse meals
  • Many similarly priced grills provide a bit more at the absence of design
Weber 61010001 Genesis II

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In a world where most mid range grills are defined by their cabinet style design Weber chooses a different route with this model that focuses on the convenience of racks over the bulkiness of doors. Primarily black with stainless steel features including the stainless steel sides that make for excellent working surfaces where you need ease of cleaning and visibility over that stark contrast of black. We still have strong durable wheels at the bottom complete with locking abilities.

However, in between this grill has two racks underneath the first one has minimal clearance which limits its use to heat resistant materials. Underneath that is a base with much larger clearance which is ok but you don’t want to bend over too much for a space that doesn’t do much for organization.

The design overall looks gorgeous so if you are not interested in a storage cabinet you will still be delighted at the look of this grill.

Special Features

Grill Weber Genesis II ReviewThe GS4 system itself if this grills best example of a special feature. The flavorizer bars give you great added flavor to your food due to their juice vaporization capabilities. Also when you look at the grease management system there is nothing more annoying than reaching deep through heavy metal components to clean up your grill.

An easy cleaning system is a tremendous boon for a grill that is already great at minimizing your clean up. The Infinity Ignition system promised quick lighting every time. Finally this grill is iGrill3 compatible which allows for monitoring through an app over Bluetooth. Weber remains on point with this loaded grill.


Weber brings an impressive warranty worthy of their spot at the top. Ten years on the cook box, lid, stainless steel burners, stainless steel cooking grates, stainless steel flavorizer bars, ignition system, and grease management system gives you a nice long warranty for the entire GS4 system. For the porcelain cast iron grates and the porcelain flavorizer bars you get five years. All other remaining parts have a two year warranty.