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Royal Gourmet Deluxe Mirage Review

Royal Gourmet Deluxe Mirage Review

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The first thing I want to say in the Royal Gourmet Deluxe Mirage Review is that not every propane grill is created equally! So, when you are shopping for a nice grill under a thousand dollars the goal is to find the perfect group of feature that is right for you while still staying within your price range. Royal Gourmet has a grill that handles a lot of what you would expect to find with out going over board to make a good grill just a bit under premium range.

This grill features four stainless steel burners for a pretty decent cooking area of 460 square inches. All you need for even a large family to cook a good sized meal. When you run out of space on the main cooking surface this grill features a brass side burner with decent power to amplify your cooking experience. This is a classic style cart grill sitting over a cabinet with an emphasis on style, and durability.

Instead of seeking out a truly unique feature this grill aims to bring you a great collection of the essentials at a price you can afford. Let’s see how close they get to what you are looking for.

Main Characteristics

When you get to the lower end of grill price stepping away from premium it is nice to see grills like this. They still have elements of premium grills while providing more value for the price. With four stainless steel burners each pumping out 12,000 BTU’s of cooking power. When you throw in the side burner with 12,000 BTU’s of power we have a grilling system that brings 60,000 total BTU’s just like the big boys, or at least near enough to be mentioned together.

Stainless steel burners bring the heat while the porcelain coated cast iron grill grates hold it well and cover a large cooking area of 460 square inches. When you add in the 174 square inch swing-away cooking rack you have a tremendous cooking area that stands a cut above even the largest of grills in the under a thousand dollar range. This is the type of well-layered machine that proves that Royal Gourmet can compete with the Weber’s and the Broil Kings of the world.

The grill setup sits over a cabinet complete with shelving and integrated hooks for easily storing both your grilling tools and any condiments or spices you pick up along the way. This is all supported by the mobility that heavy duty caster wheels provide allowing you to position even on uneven surfaces. You may have seen other grills that look similar to this one but that prove that it is not a bad thing. This is a great looking grill that delivers the power and utility to compete with the bullies of the industry and still come out looking sharp.

Pro's and Con's


  • Four stainless steel burners along with a raised warming area give you enough space to cook a delicious and large meal
  • Brass side burner packs out considerable power and gives this grill a bit of a step on the competition
  • Standard style cart grill with mobility and interior storage while looking great


  • A good amount of stainless steel in the burners but uses a variety of materials over the entire build
  • Does not have any feature especially made to enhance your foods taste
Royal Gourmet Grill Review

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For a grill under a thousand dollars you do not expect to find so much stainless steel in the design but they do not care this grill still looks great. From the side shelves to the lid, to the cabinet, stainless steel is present to provide its great look and easy cleanability. The lid is double layered with gray cast aluminum end caps to provide the griller with a very sturdy utilitarian grill.

The side shelves provide hanging hooks perfect for storing all of your grilling tools. Which means you can store all of your condiments, spices, and other miscellaneous things inside without worrying about getting them dirty. This is a grill that is built to compete so the overall design is pretty simple in an effort to create a grill that has all the pieces of the competition in its own sense of style that should radiate with many users.

Special Features

Royal Gourmet Mirage ReviewWhile Royal Gourmet was heavily focused on matching up with the top competition this is an area where they are not quite up to snuff. Flavorizer bars are pretty common for a variety of grills in this range even outside the major brands but they are not present here. We still have a Surefire ignition system, however, to bring the heat distribution at a touch of the button that you would expect to find in a mid range propane grill.

We also have a built in thermometer to keep track of your temperature conveniently located in the middle of the outside for easy readability. While low on the special features this grill is about bringing premium quality at an affordable price.


With a grill that is trying to approach the top competition, the warranty is an area that leaves a lot to be desired. While most grills around here feature a limited lifetime warranty on the burners along with multi year warranty on other aspects of the grill. Here we have a warranty that is only for one year after the purchase of the grill. The high-quality materials make it so a great warranty is not completely necessary. Still the length of the period might be questionable to many customers.