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Best Propane Grills 2018 | Comprehensive Gas Grills 2018 Buyer’s Guide

Since the beginning of human existence people have to need to eat, and with the invention of fire the ultimate way to cook was invented, grilling. It is a testament to the importance of grilling that in the hundreds of thousands of years since the beginning of man there is still no better way to cook up a tasty meal. Though the idea remains the same, we have moved passed grilling over open fires into the domain of household grilling machines that prepare food at a variety of quality and speeds to the point that shopping for a new grill can be a bit of a headache. Thankfully there are guides like this one to get you moving in the right direction towards the fantastic grilling euphoria that the perfectly cooked meal can provide. It will be a long journey with delicious results so let’s hurry up and get started.

The best top 10 gas grills in 2018:

There are a variety of different grilling methods on the market today to suit whatever the grillers preference, however at the start of it all there is one simple question. What type to choose?
Let’s speak about Gas grills first.

Gas Grills

Best Gas Grills

The majority of gas grills are fueled by either Liquid Propane(LP) or Natural Gas(NG) where the gas is used to cook the meal or more commonly heat up directly and element so it can cook the meal. While most grills are designed for one type of gas conversion kits are quite common, so the customer’s options when purchasing gas are quite open. Another benefit of propane grills is you won’t have to buy the fuel source as often as you would with charcoal. 40 pounds of propane gas on a medium sized grilling surface is liable to last you three weeks of continuous cooking. That can equal the whole summer for someone who cooks with propane at a casual pace. On the other hand, someone cooking with charcoal would have to buy multiple bags of briquettes to keep up. A medium sized grill might take 6-8 cooks to get rid of a whole bag of charcoal.

One of the primary attributes that people classically put faith in charcoal over gas is they believe that charcoal gives your food a better flavor. However, in recent years gas grilling has created more versatility in their design to compete and bring comparable flavor in their unique way. Most gas grills use a cart style design where the core of the grill is in the middle of some sort of cabinet with two side arms for side work or utility grilling. The cabinet provides some extra storage space, and there are usually at least a couple of wheels for mobility. All of these common attributes open up the way for gas grilling’s superior customization.

Where as charcoal grills put all of their emphasis into a primary grilling surface, gas grills allow the customer to get the right side elements that suit their tastes. A side grilling surface is usually customary, and it brings another area to prepare food. Perhaps you would like to get a sauce warmed up to baste the meat on the main grill, or you want to cook an assortment of vegetables without the flavors mingling with the protein then this adds on shine. Another common addition is a rear rotisserie burner. These will often use infrared technology to give whatever you cook with these an equal cook from the inside out. So you can prepare an excellent roast chicken while you grill hot dogs and burgers, bringing more versatility to your meal gatherings. The next side of a grill provides a flat top grilling surface. Here you would have a “griddle like” surface that allows you to cook without your meal being touched by the flame at all. That gives the cook a ton of control when he knows how he wants the food to be done for the perfect sear. Finally, you will see gas grills with implementations for smoking food. Smoking is a charcoal grill purist activity, so they still may not recognize your grills abilities. However, you can still find a nice smoke from a gas grill. You will just have to pay a bit more as gas grills generally have a hard time staying at the low temperatures required for a nice, slow cooked, smoked meal. So, the competition between gas and charcoal often comes down to gas’s superior convenience against charcoal’s superior flavor, though charcoal might need to bring another horse to the race soon to continue to stand a chance.

Best Propane Grills Under $1000

Broil King Sovereign XLS 90 Review
  • Broil King Sovereign XLS 90
  • (4.3 / 5)
  • 50,000 BTU
  • Burners: 4
  • Side burners: 2
  • Total cooking space: 1000 sq. in.
  • Primary cooking space: 600 sq. in
  • price scale 5/5
Royal Gourmet Deluxe Mirage Review
  • Royal Gourmet Mirage
  • (4.5 / 5)
  • 84,000 BTU
  • Burners: 5
  • Side burners: 2
  • Total cooking space: 721 sq. in.
  • Primary cooking space: 537 sq. in
  • price scale 3.2/5
Weber 61010001 Genesis II Review
  • Weber Genesis II E-310
  • (4.9 / 5)
  • 37,500 BTU
  • Burners: 3
  • Side burners: 0
  • Total cooking space: 669 sq. in.
  • Primary cooking space: 513 sq. in
  • price scale 4.3/5
Char Broil SmartChef 420 Review
  • Char Broil SmartChef 420
  • (4.5 / 5)
  • 38,500 BTU
  • Burners: 3
  • Side burners: 1
  • Total cooking space: 575 sq. in.
  • Primary cooking space: 420 sq. in
  • price scale 4/5
Broil King Baron 590 Review
  • Broil King Baron 590
  • (4.4 / 5)
  • 80,000 BTU
  • Burners: 5
  • Side burners: 2
  • Total cooking space: 805 sq. in.
  • Primary cooking space: 400 sq. in
  • price scale 3.5/5

Short Descriptions of Grills Under $1000

Broil King Sovereign XLS 90

Broil King Sovereign XLS 90 Review
The Broil King Sovereign XLS is a powerful liquid propane grilling system packing over 70,000 BTU’s of cooking power. This model features a simple stainless steel and black cast aluminum design that favors utility over bells and whistles. We have four main stainless steel burners along with a side burner and a rear rotisserie burner for a full complement of cooking surfaces that measure to a total of 1000 square inches. This model has a heavy duty design along with nice features like Sensi-Touch controls, and Broil Kings Flav-R-Wave technology to bring you a precise grilling experience with an added boost of extra flavor.
Moving around easily on a cart style design complete with a cabinet for storing any extra grilling tools or condiments. This is a grill for the cook who does not need an extreme amount of space or special quirks, but instead wants a grill that excels at the basics along with some extra utility. Read full review

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Royal Gourmet Mirage

Royal Gourmet Deluxe Mirage Review
The Royal Gourmet Deluxe Mirage grill is a mouthful that appropriately brings an equally large compliment of features. We have four stainless steel burners covering 460 square inches of cooking space. On top of that we have a side burner that has an impressive 12,000 BTU’s to match up with all of the other burners.
The goal here is to provide a high quality grill that uses stainless steel along with cast aluminum for a grill that looks great and also promises a long lasting durable life which is great considering the warranty only lasts for one year. We have the easy ignition of a propane gas grill along with many feature that you might find in a much higher priced premium model. While it lacks many of the extra feature you might find with the competition this is a great grill for someone who is looking for a taste of premium grilling without all the bells and whistles that make a true premium grill. Read full review

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Weber Genesis II E-310

Weber 61010001 Genesis II Review
The Weber Genesis II is a grill that is made for a customer who needs a lot of grilling space along with a host of special features highlighted in the GS4 system. We have the three stainless steel burners covering a large 513 square inch cooking surface complete with 174 square inches for warming giving you great space for cooking an extravagant meal. The GS4 system brings fast and easy ignition, high performance burners, flavor enhancing flavorizer bars and a convenient grease management system for a intelligent design that changes how you grill.
The look of this grill is super sleek guaranteed to turn heads with a combination of black and stainless steel designed to look great even without a storage cabinet. This grill even has reversible cooking grates for whether you want strong sear marks on a steak or a more delicate approach on fish or other seafood. As long as you don’t need a cabinet Weber once again delivers a good fully featured grill that only lacks in versatility. Read full review

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Char Broil SmartChef 420

Char Broil SmartChef 420 Review
The Char Broil SmartChef 420 is a grill that looks to bring the customer a technological super machine that simplifies your grilling experience while providing you optimal temperature control for creating delicious meals. This grill features three infrared stainless steel burners that provide good power over 460 square inches of cooking space complete with pull out warming trays to keep your food ready to go.
The side burner pumps out impressive power though it is not the largest you will find. This grill brings you the ability to monitor and control your cooking experience from the convenience of a smart phone app. Through WiFi you can access guided cooking on intelligent technology that will not only monitor your temperature but go as far as tell you when your food need to be flipped. With an all black design this grill looks great as well and makes an excellent purchase for the customer looking to take the technological leap forward. Read full review

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Broil King Baron 590

The Baron 590 grill be Broil King is an amalgamation of materials and features to bring the consumer and excellent value grill. With five burners that produce a considerable level of power along with a strong rear rotisserie burner and a side burner that is a bit on the weaker side yet still adequate, we have a large compliment of grilling capabilities. The primarily black design is a nice bit of fresh air for a grill with stainless steel burners but hints at the idea that this grill is not all stainless steel which is a bit of a problem when it comes to cleaning and durability.
Nevertheless this grill is quite durable and brings a cabinet along with the mobility of wheels to create a nice amount of storage and utility. This grill has 805 square inches of cooking area along with a bunch of other premium features to make a great grill for the consumer who does not need full stainless steel to get the most out of a multifaceted grill. Read full review

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That about sums up the types of grills you will see, so you get a decent picture of all the variations that are available. For gas or charcoal, you can find portable grill options that are great is you want to cook on the go at the park, or at a tailgating event. These grills are made to replicate the advantages of larger grills while also avoid many of the pitfalls that would be troublesome in a highly mobile scenario like ash catching. You can also find grills of a hybrid design that combine charcoal and gas elements for the ultimate level of versatility. However, these grills are designed with a particular type of customer in mind who favors adaptability more than a focused look at providing a singular great product. These types of grills will look great for the survivalist, but the more average customer will probably want to go with a grill that is more intent on doing the one thing it does extremely well.

Within grilling just like everything else it often comes down to priorities. This guide will focus more on the aspects of gas grilling as it provides more overall benefits as we move into the future. You get more variety when it comes to heating elements, as well as a variety of the grilling surfaces. Gas grills provide you with a higher level of control and lack of flare-ups that charcoal grills can’t compare to. That is a guide for the average customer, so gas is a much better focus as a charcoal grilling guide would probably also require teaching numerous grilling techniques that aren’t necessary when you are dealing with the superior control that gas grilling provides. In exchange for losing the debatably better cooking flavor, you get more control, convenience, and easier cleaning. Charcoal grills will continue to be referenced as we go but we felt you should know where the market is moving.

Top 5 Premium Gas Grills

Lynx L30PSFR-2-LP
  • Lynx L30PSFR-2-LP
  • (4.5 / 5)
  • 50,000 BTU
  • Sear Burner and Rotisserie
  • Side burners: 2
  • Total cooking space: 840 sq. in.
  • Primary cooking space: 600 sq. in
  • price scale 5/5
Weber Summit 7170001 S-470 Review
  • Weber Summit S-470
  • (4.8 / 5)
  • 48,800 BTU
  • 4 Stainless-Steel Burners
  • Side burner, Infrared rotisserie burner
  • Total cooking space: 580 sq. in.
  • Primary cooking space: 468 sq. in
  • price scale 3.2/5
Broil King Imperial XLS
  • Broil King Imperial XLS
  • (4.8 / 5)
  • 60,000 BTU
  • 6 stainless steel Dual-Tube™ burners
  • Side Burner, Rear Rotisserie Burner
  • Total cooking space: 1000 sq. in.
  • Primary cooking space: 750 sq. in
  • price scale 4.1/5
Napoleon Grills Prestige Pro Review
  • Napoleon Prestige Pro 500
  • (4.7 / 5)
  • 80,000 BTU
  • 6 Burners
  • Infrared SIZZLE ZONE™ Side Burner
  • Total cooking space: 900 sq. in.
  • Primary cooking space: 500 sq. in
  • price scale 3.9/5
  • SABER SS 500 Premium
  • (4.5 / 5)
  • 42,000 BTU
  • 3 Burners
  • Side burner, Warming rack
  • Total cooking space: 850 sq. in.
  • Primary cooking space: 500 sq. in
  • price scale 3.1/5

Infrared Grilling
A quick touch here since we were just talking about control is the new capabilities of infrared cooking. These grills use a gas heated ceramic tile to cook using infrared radiation. That isn’t the nuclear stuff you need to be worried about though, and it is just an inventive way to give people a nice and even cooking experience. With heat created when the charged atoms convert into electromagnetic radiation in the infrared heat frequency range. Scientific jargon aside these types of grills recently came off a patent in the early 2000’s so any grill designer can put this even heating technology into their grills. That allows you to get a juicy meal cooked thoroughly which has to be tasted to appreciate the power that superior heat control provides.

Short Descriptions of Premium Grills

Lynx L30PSFR-2-LP

With this Lynx grill we have a truly high end grill that brings all of the control over your cooking that you would expect to find in a premium grill. Who needs loads of power when you have enough and the control to use it perfectly. This is a grill built with ease in mind from the wind resistant design to the large smoke box containment. We have access to a 840 square inch cooking surface without any of those frivolous additions that get in the way.

This grill is all about the business of grilling and business is good with cart style maneuverability and the built in lighting to work in any environment. When a grill aficionado want to step up to the next level this is the type of grill they look for with all of the basics of a premium stainless steel grill along with the unique level of cooking that cast-brass and infrared burners provide. Read full review

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Weber Summit S-470

Weber Summit 7170001 S-470 Review
The Weber Summit 7170001 is a premium propane gas grill that brings the user a bit of everything for the creative grill enthusiast. We have 4 four main burners under stainless steel grates over a decent sized surface area of 468 square inches. The real highlight of this model is the versatility with a variety of specialty burners. You get a side burner, a smoking burner, a searing burner, and a rotisserie burning covering the full gamut of traditional grilling uses.

All of this works hand in hand with Weber focus on a design that combines sturdy with style while also providing pretty good utility. This grill is easy to use looks great and is also easy to clean with a design catered to the user. With six spots for grilling tools, a large storage area with shelving, and a manueverable base this is a utilitarian grill that can go places. Read full review

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Broil King Imperial XLS

Broil King Imperial XLS
The Broil King Imperial XLS is a dynamic stainless steel gas grill capable of handling most grill functions at a superior level to its competition. The stainless steel from the outside to the inside with cast stainless steel grates makes use of the strongest, best looking, and easiest to clean material in the grill market. With six main burners, a side burner, and rotisserie back burner this grill has over 750 square inches of cooking surface for handling a quick family dinner or a giant neighborhood cookout. With the cooking area we also have multiple drawers and cabinets to store all of your grilling tools.

This grill is packed with special features that make the grill easier to use and also allow you to keep a precise handle on your food. Along with top of the line materials and features you have a lifetime warranty to cover your back. Premium design along with premium features combine for a great fit for the premium customer. Read full review

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Napoleon Prestige Pro 500

Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 Review
The Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 propane gas grill features everything you need for a premium grilling experience. With six burners and a variety of attachments whether you are cooking hot dogs, rotisserie chicken, or hibachi style steak and shrimp this grill has you covered. With its cart style stainless steel build we have a long lasting machine that is also surprisingly easy to clean down to the stainless steel searing plates that vaporize the muck away for you.

With all the movement that easy rolling wheels provide and all the built in illumination that you could want wherever you need to go and at any time of day this grill is ready to roll. Enjoy fast startup thank to the gas Jetfire ignition system and precise temperatures thanks to the Accu Probe display. Napoleon even threw in a nice amount of quirky extra features that make this grill an all purpose workstation for your tummy. This grill might not have the secret materials that create a grand slam but if your looking for a taste of premium grilling it is definitely worth a home run. Read full review

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Saber SS 500 Premium

The Saber SS 500 grill combines a completely stainless steel design with a completely infrared set of burners to complete your cookout experience. With a 500 square inch cooking surface and a 175 square inch warming rack this grill is perfect for cooking large cookout style meals like burgers, veggies, and hot dogs at a highly efficient level. You don’t see the efficiency of this machine but it uses 30 percent less power to create the same results of its competitors.

Complete with a firebox frame for good storage space with multiple shelves and four wheels for easy maneuverability, this is a mobile cooking fortress appropriately decked out in all silver. We don’t have the fancy rotisserie burner or hibachi style setup because this grill is built with a singular purpose in mind which it delivers quite well. This is a grill made for the refined chef who wants to be able to cook the perfect spread for a traditional cookout with speed, control, and efficiency. Read full review

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Grill Materials

There is nothing more important to get a long life out of your grill than knowing what materials your grill is made out of and putting effort into maintaining these materials. Some materials make a grill where cleaning is necessary to get even a few cooks out of while other materials allow the user to be bit lazier about maintenance because they are easy to clean and built to last. Generally, outside of the number of burners, BTU’s and the types of side burners, the material of the grill will be the largest factor in deciding on a grills price. That is why the materials are of the utmost importance to be wary of so you don’t end up getting scammed into a bad purchase.


best propane grillAn essential part of any gas grill will be the burners as they provide the core to any grilling experience. There are a wide variety of styles and materials for burners though most adopt a straight design as they are focused on heating a solid section of the grill. The classic burner design is an H though you might see oval designs and dual tube burners that allow for a more consistent burn in their zone. The nice thing about searching for burners in your grill is they are pretty uniform in the competition with every grill needing a nice set of burners to establish its place in the market. From best to worst, you can find burners in stainless steel, aluminized steel, or cast iron, with porcelain coating as an option for each of these. A porcelain coating makes the burner retain heat better as well as make it easier to clean. Burners are made to last, but also generally have longer warranties when compared to other parts of the grill. Nowadays stainless steel is quite common for burners and should be prioritized over the other materials.

Cooking Grates

Also know as cooking grids are the surface on which you will cook your meals, and are the first things you will see change as you start dropping prices.

Stainless Steel

The most expensive and longest lasting cooking grates. These grates look great while also being the easiest to clean and providing excellent heat distribution, so they are the pinnacle of cooking grids at the moment.

Porcelain Coated Cast Iron

The second tier of grid gives you a thick surface that is only a bit harder to clean and still guaranteed to be durable. These grids are perfect for searing with their superb heat distribution.

Porcelain Coated Steel

Quite comparable to the previous tier however they are not as good for searing. They still provide a durable material that is moderately easy to clean.

Cast Iron

You will usually see this more often in charcoal grills. These grates can be a pain to clean and should be coated with oil so the food can move freely and the cleaning procedure won’t take as long. One issue with this is the oil might cause flare ups, so the above options are much more convenient and easier to work with.

Chrome Plated Steel

These grids look nice but are the least expensive and also last the shortest period. While they are decent for cooking with if your grill uses this material you might find yourself replacing your grid sooner than you anticipated.

As you go down the list, each type gets a bit worse for flare ups which can cause you to get food with a blackened or burnt exterior before the inside is cooked which makes creating a delicious meal that much harder. Stainless steel is most definitely the go to however you can get more iron into your diet with a non-porcelain coated cast iron grill. That is only with high iron foods like vegetables while meat will be significantly harder to work with thanks to the lack of coating.

Heat Shields

Also commonly called radiation shields, heat plates, burner shields, heat angle, or heat tents. You might find these in a charcoal grill, but they are more commonly found in new variations of gas grills. These components serve a couple of purposes to help with grilling. The first thing they provide if protection for you burners and they can go a long way for ensuring a long life out of those elements. The other thing they are great for is adding some extra flavor to your cooking. In newer models, these are made to vaporize the drippings from your food and send them right back into your meal so you can get some of that nice smoky flavor without having to worry about getting a full-fledged smoker. Charcoal grills have a similar piece sometimes called the rock grate, but they are much easier to replace and work with their gas grill competition.


An essential part of any gas grill these can get clogged up and affect your grilling capabilities. More often than not you will need to go directly through your grill’s manufacturer to find replacements, so this is an area where it pays to go with a major brand. You won’t have as many problems when searching for replacements though if you maintain your grill properly, it is not very likely that you will need to replace them in the first place.

Those are the main components to keep in mind when dealing with how your grill is going to cook overall. Outside of that, you can get into things like cabinets and covers, but those won’t directly affect your grilling experience. They will have a greater effect on your ease of use and the lifetime of your grill respectively.

How It All Works

These are the basics when it comes to a gas grill, but there are a few more components that bring it all together. That is a section that breaks down how it all works together so you can have a clear mind when it comes to troubleshooting any issues you might have. A gas grill is primarily made of a gas source, burners, hoses, valve regulators, a starter, the grill hood, grill body, and the cooking surface.

The gas source connects through the hoses to the valve regulators and the starter. Upon staring using with an electronic spark the gas is fed through to the burners at your regulations to create the heat source where you will do your grilling. The methodology is relatively simple, so the quality of each material is the main thing that will differentiate each grill.

To take it a step further the electric spark is usually created through some sort of ignition device. For example, one method uses a hammer to strike a crystalline material to produce thousands of volts of electricity to quickly and simultaneously ignite all of a grills elements. Much like a car and its spark plug, this is the ignition point for the heat that will eventually become a mixture of gas and oxygen that heats up over the entire surface of your grill. Most grills have at least two separate burners, so you get an even heat as opposed to on that drops off at the edges.

Natural Gas vs. Liquid Propane

The main plus with liquid propane is its portability. Where as natural gas requires you to run a line through your house that restricts where you can place your grill. Liquid propane is available for purchase in containers that can be lugged around anywhere. That is because liquid propane is much easier to compress so you can get high power in a portable form. On the other hand, natural gas will probably be more affordable of the long term if you already have a line in your house. Liquid propane does give you more power for the punch though, and we will go over that in this next section on BTU’s.


As stated liquid propane give you a better rate of BTU’s per consumption than natural gas, but what are BTU’s? BTU or British Thermal Unit is how we measure a grills heating capabilities. A BTU is the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of 1 pound of water 1 degree Fahrenheit.
So, one cubic foot of natural gas contains the ability of about 1,000 BTU’s. On the other hand, one cubic foot of propane gas produces about 2,500 BTU’s which is a considerable step-up. Gas grills typically range from around 15,000 BTU’s to 60,000 BTU’s as you go up in the number of burners and grilling elements you will see an appropriate rise in BTU’s. How does this help you when it comes to purchasing a grill? Well, it doesn’t help as just because a grill produces tons of BTU’s. It does not mean that efficiency is necessarily a part of their calculations.

The more important part of tons of BTU’s is how many people are planning to cook for and the materials that each component is made out of. There is no point in an exorbitant amount of BTU’s if your grill is losing all of that extra heat to the air because the materials are not made to retain that sort of heat. You would like to get around 15,000 BTU’s from each burner with a well-made burner and cooking grid combination if you can find it. You probably won’t be able to find that at a good price if you need over three burners, however, don’t fret too much about BTU’s. Divide total BTU’s by the number of burners, and as long as you are hitting 10,000 each with right materials, you should do just fine.


Now you know how the heat is created, and what you would like your grill to be made out of so how do you maintain is so you don’t end up needing a new one right when the warranty runs out? That is one area where charcoal grills have a leg up on the gas competition as they are much easier to maintain. That is mainly because they require relatively little maintenance. With a charcoal grill, it is often as simple as cleaning off your grid and emptying out your ashes before you’re ready to roll again.

However, that comes along with needing an extra fifteen to thirty more minutes to get started cooking. For gas grills, on the other hand, we have to keep the words of uncle Ben in mind. “With great power comes great responsibility” maybe not meant for grilling, but it applies here. In order, to start up a grill and get cooking in under a minute you will have to put some of that time into the back end for sustainability. Outside of replacing the grill grates, you will also need to refill the propane tank(though that is comparable to replacing the charcoal), maintain the lines, igniter, and gas connections.

You will also want to keep the burners, igniter collector box, and drip tray clean. That is one of the areas where it pays to have as much stainless steel in your build as you can find. For this reason, if you can’t afford to find a gas grill with either stainless steel or porcelain coated elements you are probably better off going with a charcoal grill in the long run.

Cabinet Design

best gas grillsThe cart style way of life is a commonality across the world of propane grills, so we need to take a moment of time to focus on what this brings to the customer. The majority of propane grills adopt a central cabinet underneath the primary grill surface along with two side shelves. The shelves are often mainly for plating though it is common to find a side burner on the left shelf in many models. They provide a bit of extra workspace to bring more versatility than you will find in the typical charcoal grill. When it comes to the cabinet underneath, there are also a tremendous amount of variations you can find.

Some have a single door while others have two and you can get a ton of variety in the different types of handles you will find. However, it is more about the insides where you will commonly find a spacious and shelved storage area. These cabinets are perfect for storing any spices or condiments that you like to have on hand when grilling. They also serve as a good spot to place refreshments so you can stay as well fueled as your grill over strenuous grilling expeditions. As you scale the pricing ladder, you will find cabinets with implementations for things such as bottle openers, grilling tools, and other convenient additions that add a bit of utility to your grill.


We won’t take too long here as this section is appropriately about keeping it moving. Generally when it comes to the cart style design you either get two wheels or you get four. When you only get two, usually they are of the heavy duty design without any locking capabilities, and you will find them on the lower end grill models. As you move up, you will find two to four caster wheels which glide much more smoothly and also feature locking mechanisms so you can grill even on a hill. If you have four wheels, you will want them all to lock if possible for more stability. However, two will work in a pinch. This section will depend on the customer as natural gas grills are locked in by necessity. A highly mobile liquid propane grill can be extremely useful to the griller on the go, however.

Grilling Surface vs. Number of Burners

The majority of grills will give you an overinflated number that includes the warming racks into the surface area of your grill to confuse the customer’s perception of value. First off make sure you know the grills primary cooking surface area, so you don’t get thrown for a loop. A general frame of reference to keep in mind is you will need at least 400 square inches to cook a full meal for the average sized family. If you go any lower than this, you will probably have to cook each part of the meal separately. As you get to the upper 500 range, you will get to the point where you can start cooking for extensive gatherings with relative ease. Most families will be happy with a surface in between these two ranges though.

Generally, the burners to surface area ratio do not matter too much, but it does affect the versatility that the grill will have. A grill with a 450 square inch surface area and three burners won’t be able to cook the same amount of variety as a grill with an equal surface area and a fourth burner. Much like when it comes to the assorted side grills the most important thing to keep in mind here is how much variety you would like to have in your cooking. An extra burner won’t necessarily make it so you can cook more burgers at a time as much as it makes it so you can cook the veggies and the burgers at the same time at different temperatures.

Special Features

When it comes to grills, there are not too many crazy special features to differentiate between each brand, so you are looking for a grill that covers the basics while branching out into the special features that interest you like a side hibachi grill, rear rotisserie, or infrared burners. The core of the grill should always be what you are most focused on, but it is nice to know what type of goodies to look out for.

ThermometerSmart GrillsLightingSmoke Box
This is an essential part of every grill as it will allow you to keep track of what is going on inside so you get a premeditated cook. You want to make sure your grill’s thermometer goes deep inside in order, to make sure you get the most accurate reading.
This is a new feature you will only find in certain gas grills. With the internet coming into everything you can now buy grills that have apps that allow you to regulate everything about your grill from the temperature to even recipes that will tell you when to flip your meal. This technology is still relatively new, so it might make sense to wait for improvements, however as it is it still provides a nice dose of cool to your grilling experience.
You may not think about this aspect, but when it gets dark some grills are left in the dark while others can become hubs for after dark activities. When it comes to lighting on grills, you can usually find it in three places. First the controls so you can see the levels you are at in the dark. Second, you will find interior lighting so you can keep tabs on the cooking. Finally, there is cabinet lighting which speaks for itself.
An essential component on a gas grill is you are looking to create smoke meals. You can bypass this a bit however if you have an infrared grill.

These are the main features to look for though some might consider flavorizer bars and the like though those are covered above in the heat shield section. You probably want to start with having a good thermometer and an appropriate lid for your cooking style, and then everything else is gravy from there.


The world of grilling is a vast domain that can be quite unfriendly if you don’t pay attention to the laws that define the market. When you get into it though, you will find that purchasing the perfect grill for any customer is not as hard as you might have thought. There are simple things to keep in mind primarily your grilling surface, burners, and materials, but beyond that, no other aspect is extraordinarily important.

Charcoal grills have an edge on flavor but lose a lot of that edge with the technological leaps being made in gas grilling as well as the native issue of needing much more time to get started.

Gas grills, on the other hand, provide a lot more versatility with their storage space, side and rear burners. They make it so you do not have to focus on one style of cooking for your whole grill as you can combine searing, smoking, rotisserie, and standard grilling all into one in the right package. I hope that whether you are looking to spend a bit on your first grill or investing into your dream grill this guide has left you with all the knowledge you need to bring that package home pleased.

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